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Areas of Focus

Acupuncture is old. It goes back two to five thousand years, depending on your information source. In school, we believed we could treat anything. As my practice and experience have grown, I still feel passionately that this medicine is amazing and has potential of treating things that might surprise the average person. I rarely turn away people who ask, “Can acupuncture help with _________?” People call for a variety of reasons and some of my most rewarding moments have been solving an issue that modern medicine had given up on. Those are my “Hail Mary" clients - I was their last resort.

So, my “Areas of Focus” is not an exclusive list of what I treat; it’s a reflection of my education focus and/or the issues I have found that respond very well to acupuncture. It’s my short list of what I love to treat.

Sports Injuries
Stress Reduction
Women's Health
IVF/IUI Support
Pregnancy Support
Labor Induction 


       Areas of Focus -


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